Aurora 1-10V Dimmer Switch (AU-DSPLED)

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- LED Compatible
- 1-10v Dimmer Minimum Load
- Controls up to 9 75W LED panels
- Controls up to 17 40W LED panels

The Aurora 1-10V dimmer is an essential purchase when dimming 1-10V dimmable lights, including our 1-10V dimmable panels. They can be used to dim up to 10 panels.

They feature AC on / off as well as the 1-10V dimming control.

Please note that 1-10V dimmers require another pair of cables to be run from the dimmable light to the dimmer.

Colour: N/A Lumen Output: N/A
Fitting Type: N/A Voltage: 220-250V + 1-10v
Wattage: N/A Power Consump: N/A
Size (DxL): 87mm x 87mm Beam Angle: N/A
Dimmable: N/A Approx. Lifespan: 25 Years
Certification: CE & RoHS
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