What’s the difference between an LED driver and a transformer?

LED lighting applications may require specific parameters/specifications in relation to flicker, ripple, reliability, efficiency, surge protection and dimming.

Since approx. 95% of LED applications require a constant current power source LED drivers are usually, but not always, constant current output.

Almost all transformers are constant voltage.

For LED applications that require a constant voltage power supply, which includes MR16 spotlights (12V) and LED Strip Lights (12V/24V),  there is a great similarity between LED constant voltage drivers and standard transformers (AC>DC power supply)

Should I use an LED driver or a transformer?

If you are looking here for the answer then either will probably do, but make sure you know whether your LED application requires a Constant Current or Constant Voltage power supply.

Do LED light strips require an LED driver or a transformer?

It usually doesn’t matter!

99% of LED strips sold require a constant voltage supply and are usually supplied with basic AC/DC transformers, but may also be supplied with LED drivers (e.g. DALI dimmable)

1% of LED strips sold operate with constant current, and these require an LED driver.

Do MR16 LED spotlights require an LED driver or a transformer?

It doesn’t matter!

LED MR16 spotlights require a constant voltage power source. This is usually 12V DC but many will also accept 12V AC too.