The Benefits of LED Low Bay and High Bay Lighting

LED Low Bay and High Bay lighting is generally comprised of high-power LED lights that are mainly used in industrial premises such as warehouses and workshops. They are also sometimes used in commercial environments such as gyms and stables.

What’s the difference between Low Bay and High Bay LED lights? It’s simply the mounting height.

Low Bay light fittings are normally mounted at between 4 and 8 metres. They are either fitted with no lens, or a wide-angle lens, which allows the light to spread out. They are found in most warehouses and many workshops in the UK.

High Bay light fittings are generally used for mounting heights of over 8 metres and are fitted with relatively narrow lenses, such as 90°, 60°, 30°, or even 10°. They are used in narrow aisle and very high (also known as high bay) warehouses.

We offer 2 styles of LED low bay lights. The first is the IP65 disk type, which is perfect for damp or wet areas. Built with MEAN WELL drivers and Lumileds (i.e. Philips) LED chips, these include a 90° PMMA lens for use at slightly higher mounting heights.

The second is traditional shoebox shape low bay LED lighting. These may be traditional in appearance but are certainly not traditional in performance. These British-made units feature Osram LED drivers and Osram LED chips working in perfect harmony!

These lights can be factory customised with several options:

  1. Perspex diffuser – to protect the LEDs against light liquid splashes
  2. Dust cowl – for use in particularly dusty environments, this fits over the unit to reduce the amount of dust settling on the unit.
  3. Emergency pack – a rechargeable battery that enables the low bay LED light to continue to give light at a reduced output in the event of a power cut.
  4. Simple PIR – saves energy by making sure the light only comes on when required.
  5. Daylight dimmable PIR – also known as daylight harvesting, this enables the unit to be set to track a pre-set light level. This means that as the amount of sunlight increases, the output of the LED light decreases, and vice versa. This maximises energy savings, while maintaining a safe working environment.

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