Light Up Your Commercial Building With LED Ceiling Lights

Many buildings make use of ceiling lights. Easily concealable on or in the ceiling and the most efficient way of lighting up large rooms, ceiling lights are used often in offices, schools, shops and many other buildings that have large rooms to be lit, without worrying great deal about appearance.

Any business or other building owners who are looking to save money on electricity bills should consider making the switch to LED ceiling lights. While LED lighting has a higher initial cost than other forms of lighting, such as incandescent, halogen and florescent lighting, the fact that LED lighting lasts up to 25 years and pays for itself in electricity savings after six months shows just how much more efficient it is.

Here at LEDSave, we have a broad range of styles of ceiling lights, and we are confident that we have the LED lighting option to suit anyone’s commercial, or even residential needs.

Under our commercial lighting and spot light categories, we have a variety of ceiling lights. Our range of LED Tubes would allow building managers to replace their current light tubes with a more efficient and longer-lasting alternative, while our LED ceiling panels can be installed in-place of ceiling panels, where they are neatly tucked away but very effectively light up large spaces. 

Alternatively, LED Spot Lights can also be installed in ceilings, allowing for a more attractive option for ceiling lights. LEDSave also stocks a range of LED 2D replacements, meaning that building owners can replace their current 2D fluorescent lighting.

To view all of our LED Bulbs or other LED lighting options, please feel free to browse our website at

LEDSave has also recently opened a trade counter at their warehouse in Hull, offering very competitive prices. To Register for a trade account with LEDSave or visit their new trade counter at LEDSave, 3 Global Business Park, Hamburg Road, Hull, HU7 0AE or phone the team on 01482 820099.