LEDSave’s Guide to Choosing the Right LED Bulb

Things are changing rapidly when it comes to lighting technologies. For example, until recently Thomas Edison’s fundamental bulb design, the incandescent light bulb was still the go to light bulb style. Nowadays, however, more efficient LED light bulbs are leading the way towards a more efficient future. 

There are a few factors worth considering before you go out and choose which LED bulbs would be best for your home or commercial property. One quick and easy way to compare LED bulbs is by their lumens per watt. This means effectively how much light they produce per watt. Incandescent bulbs average around 12-15 lumens per watt, whereas newer LED bulbs range from around 80-140 lumens per watt, so you get more light output without having to consume more energy if you opt for LED bulbs.

LED Spotlights

LED spotlights are placed into fittings and are usually an excellent option for ceiling lighting. These types of LED bulbs look great spread across a contemporary room, and come in a variety of outputs and colour temperatures (the colour of light, and how it makes the room ‘feel’ atmospherically).  Oh and did we mention; you can save up to 90% on your lighting bills where these bulbs are implemented!

LED candles and golfballs

These types of LED bulbs are perfect to maintain the traditional look of candles and older style bulbs, whilst modernizing on technology and efficiency. These bulbs offer a great degree beam angle (the spread in degrees in which the light emits) and offer great savings on energy compared to standard, incandescent light bulbs.

Other important bulb factors to consider

Some people prefer a contemporary look, others traditional, but what about decorative? Decorative LED bulbs look great and cannot be overlooked when choosing which type of LED bulb is right for you. Another aspect worth considering is if you want to buy a dimmable or non-dimmable version of your bulb. If you prefer consistency, like for an office space, non-dimmable is the better option, whereas for a little bit of variety like for the living room, bedroom, or kitchen, dimmable bulbs might suit your needs best.

Ok, so you now have more of an idea on what bulbs to buy, but what about accessories? We also stock a range of accessories like fittings and dimmer switches that add functionality and design flare to your newly bought energy efficient LED bulbs. Find LED converters, dimmer remote controls and static dimmer switches in our accessories range.

Save money and modernize your lighting technology today with LED bulbs from LEDSave.