Four Benefits of LED Lights For Businesses

Whilst you may know that LEDSave offer an extensive collection of high quality LED lighting products, how much do you know about the benefits of the LED lighting we provide? If you’re a retailer or business owner looking for innovative and cost effective lighting solutions for your store or office, read on to find out exactly why you need to make the switch to commercial LED lighting.

1. Reduced energy cost

The costs of running a retail store or large office space can really add up, especially when you’re using a lot of lighting for displays. With LED lighting, you can save up to as much as 90% on your energy bill, meaning you can use those extra pennies towards other essentials.

2. Longer life span

When you have to use lighting for a long time, it can be easy to burn through standard bulbs. However, many of the Commercial LED lighting solutions available at LEDSave have an impressive life span of up to 50,000 hours meaning you can light your space for as long as you need, without the worry of overusing and having to replace your bulbs constantly.

3. Versatility

LED lighting isn’t only a fantastic option due to its money saving properties, but it is also extremely versatile and can be used for a variety of applications. Easily light up display units in your retail store, or provide bright and clear lighting to showcase your business stall at an event. Replace hungry halogen fittings with efficient LED batten lighting or stylish LED tubes for your offices. LED lighting can even be used for emergency exits!

4. Reduced maintenance costs

The lengthy lifespan of LED lamps means that maintenance costs are significantly reduced too. The actual labour cost of having to replace traditional lamps when they blow is often difficult for organisations to calculate, however it can be alarmingly high! This is particularly relevant for fittings found in difficult, (read as “expensive”), to reach places where a simple step ladder is not an option; above stairwells, atriums, busy roads, production lines and on offshore structures are just a few examples of where companies and organisations can enjoy the “Fit and Forget” advantages of LED lighting.

If your business or shop is ready to go green and start taking advantages of the benefits of LED lighting, then head on over to our website where you can discover our entire range and find the best suited lighting for your business.