Beauty and Efficiency Combined: Decorate Your Home with LED Strip

You probably already knew that LED lighting is not only cost-effective, but also environmental friendly, as it saves up to 80% more energy than standard light bulbs. However, did you know that LED strip can also be used creatively to decorate your home while benefitting of all these other advantages?

Here’s the ingredients you need for a successful makeover of your favourite reading spot/chilling area/you-name-it: our 3528 60 LED per metre StripLED driver/transformer, some free time and a clean surface in the desired spot.

Now, all you have to do is pick the spot, arrange it nicely, make sure the surface you want to use is clean and then just stick the adhesive of the LED strip lights. Turn on the lights, maybe dim them a little and voila! You’ve just created a cosy and welcoming place where you can retreat anytime you want to relax, read a book or maybe watch a film.

LED strip can also be used in other locations such as kitchens, bars or even boats! They’re a versatile product that offers you the freedom to add it anywhere, as long as there’s a clean surface it can be stuck to.

Professional tip: If you need more light and prefer a more powerful version, then just use the 5050 60 LED per metre Strip instead.