All You Need to Know about LED Ceiling Lights

The decision to switch to LED lighting is one that is better done sooner rather than later. With potential to save up to 90% on your electricity bills when compared to standard lighting, and lasting up to 25 years, LED bulbs are lighting the way towards a more efficient future. LED ceiling lights are perhaps one of the most important types of lighting to consider when looking to make the switch as these bulbs can be used a lot in a household, or in a commercial property to create a well lit environment. Continue reading to find out which type of LED ceiling lights would fit your needs.

LED spotlights perfect for your home or a smaller office

You already know the savings that can be made with LED ceiling lights, but something you may not have known is the sleek, modern look they can bring to any home or office. Whether it is for a new build, or modernizing an older property, LED spotlights are the way to go to create a natural, uplifting glow to any room. Our affordable LED spotlights produce the same output of light as their halogen equivalents, whilst cutting down the wattage used drastically, saving you enough for them to pay for themselves effectively within 6 months.

LED bathroom lighting

As a generally smaller space, bathroom lighting can differ slightly from what you would have in your living room, depending on your preference. Whilst LED spotlights are still a great option, you can also opt for an LED golf ball from our bathroom lighting range. These bulbs are often available in different colour temperatures, like warm, very warm, and cool white. A slimline downlight is also an excellent choice for those with a contemporary themed bathroom.

Medium sized office / commercial spaces

When looking for LED ceiling lights for larger office spaces, kitchens, art studios or contemporary halls, LED downlights are a clever choice. With a stylish finish, long life and great return on investment when considering the money saved, these types of LED fittings might be just what you are looking for.

Larger scale commercial usage

When searching for affordable ceiling lights for a large office space, commercial working area or a large space in general where efficient LED lighting is required, our Commercial range is perfect. An integrated LED batten light is a super efficient way of lighting up the required area, whilst saving you money along the way. Our EcoBrite® LED panels are another powerful option to choose from, coming in a range of sizes and with a five-year warranty, you can be assured you are buying true quality.

LED ceiling lights are a great start towards a cheaper and more efficient lighting future. For more LED lighting advice from our experts, contact us today.