Why LED Bulbs Are The Future For Lighting Residential Homes

As businesses begin to see the many benefits that come with making the switch to LED Lighting, the uptake from residential owners has been slower. IN an age when people have become much more cost-conscious, this is a surprise, as LED Bulbs can save home or business owners an unexpectedly high amount of money on electricity bills.

Perhaps the most off-putting number associated with an LED Bulb is the initial price, but this is only an issue for people who are not thinking ahead. While the LED Bulb is a more expensive initial purchase than its alternatives, it lasts up to 25 years, which is much longer than most incandescent, halogen or florescent bulbs. By replacing bulbs with LED bulbs throughout your home will greatly reduce your electricity bills. 

LED Bulbs will pay for themselves roughly after 6 months. Following this time period, LED lighting will be saving you money every time you turn on the lights. 

Here at LEDSave, we have a great selection of LED bulbs to meet all homeowner and business owner needs. With three different types of fittings, E14 Edison ScrewE27 Edison Screw and B22 Bayonet Cap, we have the LED Bulbs to allow residential owners to replace their current lights with LED lighting, and thus saving on their electricity bills.       

To view all of our LED Bulbs or other LED lighting options, please feel free to browse our website at www.ledsave.co.uk.

LEDSave has also recently opened a trade counter at their warehouse in Hull, offering very competitive prices. To Register for a trade account with LEDSave or visit their new trade counter at LEDSave, 3 Global Business Park, Hamburg Road, Hull, HU7 0AE or phone the team on 01482 820099.