What can Non-Corrosive LED Light fittings do for you?

Non-corrosive LED Light fittings are also known as anti-corrosive, vapour proof, weatherproof waterproof, IP65 and tri-proof.

They are resistant to corrosion, are waterproof, shock resistant and dust proof. This makes them ideal for installation in warehouses, factories, workshops and car parks.

Replacing fluorescent non-corrosives lights with LED non-corrosive fittings will yield substantial energy savings of over 50%. This not only saves valuable money, but also helps reduce carbon emissions.

LEDSave’s non-corrosive fittings have an IK08 polycarbonate case with stainless mounting clips. They are known as integrated LED fittings because the LEDs are fitted directly onto a metal gear tray within the fitting. This is different to some fittings, where standard LED tubes are used within a waterproof case. This is known as a retrofit LED.

The main advantage of using integrated fittings over retrofit LED fittings is longer life. This is due to the improved heat dissipation enabled by having a separate LED driver coupled with the LEDs sitting on a large metal board (the gear tray). Another advantage is the option of having an emergency module within the fitting – something which is not possible with retrofit non-corrosive fittings.

LEDSave stocks a full range of LED non-corrosive fittings in both “single” and “twin” versions. Most include a microwave sensor option (microwave is similar to PIR), 3-hour emergency option and also a microwave sensor with 3-hour emergency option.

We use only the best components in our fittings, such as Tridonic or Osram LED drivers, LG LED chips, Merrytek sensors, and Ni-Cd batteries in the emergency fittings, which are much better than lithium batteries for emergency lighting use.

With LED lighting, it’s important to use high efficiency LEDs, so we are pleased that our fittings are 110lm/W. This means that for every watt of electricity used, 110lm of light is generated, which is amongst the best in the market place.

Please see below our current range of non-corrosive fittings:

Standard optionMicrowave optionEmergency optionMicro + EM option
1200mm (4ft) Single 20WNOYESNO
1200mm (4ft) Twin 36WYESYESYES
1500mm (5ft) Single 36WNOYESNO
1500mm (5ft) Twin 54WYESYESYES
1800mm (6ft) single 54WNOYESNO
1800mm (6ft) Twin 80WYESYESYES