Residential Homes Taking Up LED Bulkhead Lighting

As the popularity of LED Lighting begins to increase among residential property owners, LEDSave has been many homeowners purchasing bulkhead lighting.

Bulkhead lighting possesses many benefits for both commercial and residential property owners. Due to their long life span and outstanding light output, they are ideal for lighting up larger areas that require to be lit for longer periods of time.

Bulkhead lighting is suitable for hallways, garages and outside spaces, especially for security purposes, as it will light up a large area. While it is perhaps not the most sleek lighting, for areas where aesthetics in not a priority, bulkhead lighting is perfect.

At LEDSave, we have EcoBrite 16 Watt LED Bulkheads, providing businesses, electricians, wholesale buyers and homeowners with quality energy-efficient bulkhead lighting.

A single LED bulkhead is priced at £30.00, however the more you buy in bulk, the more savings we can offer you!

For instance, if you buy 5 bulkheads for £28.80 each you can save 4%, and by buying 10 for £27.30 you can save 9%. 

To purchase even more LED bulkheads in bulk, at ideal prices for electricians and wholesale buyers, you can call 01452 820099, or email to discuss requirements and to access unmissable prices.

Trade buyers can fill in a form here, to access special wholesale prices.

Remember all LEDSave fittings come with a no hassle 35 Year Warranty and a 28 Day Money Back Guarantee.