LEDSave Extends LED Bulkhead Light Range To Meet Demand

Due to the traditional incandescent amd even fluorescent 2D bulkhead lighting’s high consumption of electricity, bulkhead lighting is one of the most popular lights we see people purchasing. Recognising the increase in demand, here at LEDSave we have broadened our range of bulkhead lighting that is available to our customers, adding three new bulkhead lights to our stock.

As it is a large, powerful light, a bulkhead light can add a substantial cost to your electricity bill. As a result, many people make the switch from traditional lighting options such as halogen, fluorescent and incandescent to using LED bulkheads, which can save up to 90% off the contribution bulkheads have to your energy bill.

Bulkheads have many functions, being used for both lighting and security purposes indoors and out. As a very durable lighting option designed to withstand weather, dust and vandalism, bulkhead lighting is often used in warehouses, underground car parks, exterior walls and large commercial buildings.

We have also seen a trend of residential property owners purchasing bulkhead lightings for their houses, using them for security and outdoor lighting purposes, lighting pathways, as well as for use in garages. 

Our range at LEDSave has been expanded from our standard 16watt LED bulkhead, to also include a 7watt outdoor wall light, ideal for residential properties, and two new 16watt bulkheads with die cast casing for added durability, one of which has an eyelid cover for an alternative look. 

All LEDSave fittings come with up to 5 Year Warranty and a no quibble 28 Day Money Back Guarantee.

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