LED Lights Lead The Way in 2017

LEDs are set to dominate the lighting industry in 2017. Following the death of incandescent bulbs in 2012, Energy Saving Trust tell us the latest news in the lighting industry is the phase out of halogen spotlights. By 2018 non-directional halogens will be cut out of the market completely for LED GLS bulbs to replace them. LEDs are unquestionably the way forward in lighting technologies and solutions.

But why wait till 2018? Get ahead of the game, let LEDSave help you make the shift from traditional incandescent bulbs or halogen bulbs to LED bulbs. LEDSave offers a wide range of modern yet efficient LED lighting for both commercial, indoor, outdoor and households lighting.

People have expressed concerns about the costs differential for LED lighting. However, with increased demand and mass production, LED lighting is seeing price points now more or less just as affordable as your traditional lighting options – along with all the added benefits from modern LED lighting.

Business and home owners making the switch to LED lighting, can enjoy reductions in energy costs. LEDs can provide the same light outpout as a fluorescent fitting, but only use half the power needed for that.

According to The Telegraph lighting in the UK makes up 20% of all energy consumption, accounting for a momentous part of our energy bills. With LED lighting consuming a whopping 90% less energy than standard halogen bulbs – cutting your electricity bills down dramatically as well as improving your carbon footprint, making LED Lighting a more environmentally friendly option for our planet.

Let LEDSave find the right LED lighting solution for your business or home. With our complete understanding of LED lighting and driven focus on customer service contact us today for free advice on 01482 820099 or enquiries@ledsave.co.uk – Making the switch to LED has never been more affordable.