LED Lighting Adapting To Residential Homes

While businesses have begun to use LED lighting more frequently thanks to the cost benefits, homeowners and residential properties have been more reluctant to make the switch.

Originally the higher cost of the LED bulbs was off-putting, they have been coming down in price while homeowners have gradually become more aware of the savings and environmental benefit of LED lighting.

However, even when these factors are taken into account, LED lighting has also got a reputation for being too bright and garish for home lighting.

This is also beginning to change, with many LED Bulbs available in different shades of light, with an option to purchase the bulb as dimmable also becoming more frequent.

As LED technology improves, the price continues to decrease while the savings home owners can make stays the same, so as more consumers begin to see the LED lighting can now have the same aesthetic effects as the less efficient alternatives, LED lighting can only become more popular among homeowners.

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The majority if our LED Bulbs for residential use come in different shades of white light, varying in warmth, and you can select a dimmable option before you add one to your basket. 

In our LED lighting accessories category, you shall also find a selection of LED dimmers, allowing you to install LED lighting into your home that you can dim, giving you greater control over the mood of the lighting in your home.

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