How Utilising LED Panel Lights Can Save Money!

With greater awareness of our environment, many businesses and homeowners are seeking top quality energy-efficient lighting to light up their location. 

Increasingly, people are seeing the many benefits of LED lighting, in that it not only minimises energy consumption, but because LED products have a much longer life span than the average bulb or fluorescent tube, lamp changing is greatly reduced or in some cases no longer necessary which results in further cost savings.

At LEDSave, we have brilliant energy-saving and cash-saving EcoBriteⓇ LED Panels in the following sizes: 600mm x 600mm1200mm x 600mm and 1200 x 300mm.

Impressively, the standard 600mm x 600mm fitting produces a light output equal to a 72W (4 x 18W) fluorescent modular, yet only consumes 40 watts of electricity.

Offering superb light output, long-lasting performance and incredible value, these EcoBrite® panels use 50% less energy than a standard 600mm x 600mm modular fluorescent fitting. With easy installation (and advice available courtesy of our fully qualified electrician) zero maintenance necessary and a five-year warranty, these effective money-saving LED Panels are not to be missed.

To browse our commercial panels, browse our category page now. For further information, the latest pricing, or advice on how LED Panels, or indeed any of our other energy saving products can help you, give us a call on 01482 820099 now.