Cut Your Electricity Bills Even More With Excel LED Panel Lights With Philips Drivers!

LEDSave are happy to announce that we have expanded our excellent range of LED Panels, to include the new EcoBrite 600mm x 600mm Excel LED Panel Light with Philips Driver that can help business owners achieve an additional 20% in energy savings compared to standard panels!

With LED Panels becoming an increasingly popular lighting choice, especially in the case of commercial properties, this new addition to the LEDSave range will help business owners significantly reduce their electricity costs, whilst enjoying a bright and powerful light output that your customers and employees will appreciate.

Featuring a stylish white powder coated aluminium frame and the extremely efficient Epistar SMD (surface mounted diodes) 4014 LED Chips that use up to 60% less energy than traditional fittings, the Excel Led Panel Light has a 120 degree beam angle that will allow you to easily light up offices, schools, warehouses and all sorts of commercial premises. Available with two options, 32W for extra energy savings or 40W for extra light output, both come with a 5 year warrantied, ultra-reliable Philips LED driver for increased viability that allows you to easily install these LED Panels and make the most of them for longer.

If you want to start taking advantage of all these benefits or you want to find out more information about the fantastic Excel LED Panels with Philips Drivers, just contact the LEDSave team of experts on 01482 820099 or