5 Reasons Why LED Bulbs Are Set to Eclipse Standard Bulbs!

  1. The market for LED light bulbs is continuously expanding, as prices drop and increasingly more people are understanding the value of this energy-saving type of lighting. Research has predicted that the LED lighting market will grow up to a staggering $25 billion by 2023.[1]
  2. According to James Segal, Managing Director of LEDSave, “demand for LED products is steadily increasing year on year, especially as the domestic market is now becoming ever more aware of the effectiveness of LED. Homeowners are appreciating their durability, brightness and eco-credentials and are making the switch to LED”.
  3. They are cost-effective. Not only can you start buying LED light bulbs for as low as £4.50, but these bulbs can last up to 25 years! Which means no more shopping to regularly replace broken bulbs.
  4. Don’t forget about energy saving! Compared to standard bulbs, LED light bulbs can save up to 80-90% of the energy, making them an environmental friendly solution.
  5. They have many other less well-known benefits. For instance, did you know that recently it was discovered that LED light bulbs could actually be used for a faster wireless connection to the Internet? [2]

If you want to take advantage of all those benefits and more, upgrade your home now by purchasing LED light bulbs at affordable prices from LEDSave. Feel free to browse our site and see what type of LED lighting suits you best.