RGBW LED Strip Light Controller / Receiver (FUT044)

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This controller/reciever uses 2.4Ghz wireless technology work with various transmitting devices and is the ideal soluition for controlling 12V/24V LED strip. The key benifit with this particular model is that it has an auto-transmitting and auto-synchronising function so all the recievers on the same 'button' or chanel will always be in sync which omits the need for any repeaters.

Product Code: FUT044

Working Voltage: DC12V~24V
Output Max: 6A/Channel
Total Outout Max: 15A
Working Temperature: -20~60°C
Max Controlling Distance: 30m
Output Connection: Common anode
Size: 37*28*97mm

Compatable with:

-FUT089 (8-Zone RGB+CCT Remote Controller)
-FUT092 (2.4GHz 4 Zone RGB+CCT Remote Controller)
-FUT088 (RGB+CCT Full Touch Remote Controller)
-B8 (8-Zone Smart Panel Remote Controller)
-B0 (Smart Panel Remote Controller)
-B4/T4 (4-Zone RGB+CCT Smart Panel Remote Controller)

More Information
Channels 4
LED Strip Type RGB + W
Product Type LED Strip Receiver (Controller)
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