12V High power LED drivers

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- Selectable input voltage
- 2 DC Output terminals
- 100W, 150W, 180W and 200W available
- High Power Output

Our LEDSave High Power Transformers / Drivers are perfect for supplying power to multi LED strip installations.

They come with a selectable input voltage of 110V or 240V and two 12v DC output terminals. The transformer / driver supplies a constant 12V DC voltage with power output ranges of 100W - 400W* depending on the model chosen.

WARNING: This product has accessible LIVE terminals. To meet regulations, this product must be enclosed in a secure ventilated housing so access to the LIVE terminals can only be made by the use of a key or tool.

When installing, please ensure that all applicable safety standards are adhered to. IF IN DOUBT, PLEASE CONTACT A QUALIFIED ELECTRICIAN!!

This driver comes with a 3 Year Warranty and a 28 Day Money Back Guarantee.

*Please note that the 400W model is equipped with a cooling fan, and so may not be suitable for certain locations

Colour: N/A Lumen Output: N/A
Fitting Type: N/A Voltage: 220-250V
Wattage: 150 - 200 Watts Power Consump: 160 - 210 Watts
Size (DxL): N/A Beam Angle: N/A
Dimmable: N/A Approx. Lifespan: 25 years
Certification: CE & RoHS
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