LED Panels have become a popular lighting option recently, especially for commercial properties, as they are ideal to replace energy hungry T8 and T12 fluorescent modular fittings. Replacing these outdated fittings with LED lighting panels will achieve savings of 50-60% on electricity costs. Our LED light panels simply slip in to standard ceiling grids. If a suspended ceiling is not installed then we have a number of other mounting options available.

LEDSave has LED panels available in a range of different types, shapes and sizes to match the requirements of any customer. Requiring no maintenance and with an approximate lifespan of up to 25 years, these LED panels are a very affordable and reliable lighting option.

The lumen output of the LED Panels you’ll find on offer at LEDSave ranges from 1920 lumens to 6200 lumens, while the power consumption ranges from 24-70 watts. Due to their long lifespan, zero-maintenance requirement, and lower energy consumption in comparison to the incandescent and florescent alternatives, LED Panel lights will save any commercial or residential property owner money if they make the switch to LED lighting. In addition to their clear economic benefit, LED Panels are also more environmentally friendly than their alternatives.

At LEDSave you can choose between Standard LED Panels and the high performance Excel Range. Below you can find more information about the advantages of these different types of LED Panels, so you can pick the one that best suits your business’s needs.



An excellent LED panel at a great price:

  • High quality branded external LED driver included
  • 80 lumens / watt
  • Uses 50% less energy than traditional T8 fittings
  • Dimmable options available
  • 3 hours emergency packs and various fixing methods available


Our Excel LED Panels have all the benefits of Standard LED Panels, including a great price, but they also have the following additional benefits

  • Philips external LED driver included
  • 100 lumens / watt (typical)
  • Uses 60% less energy than traditional T8 fittings
  • 18% more light output (40W versions)
  • 3 hours emergency packs and various fixing methods available

All LEDSave fittings come with a no quibble 28 Day Money Back Guarantee and 5 Year Warranty.

The massive range of LED bulbs and fittings on the market can be confusing, so if you’d like any advice please don't hesitate to call LEDSave on: 01482 820099 or email us at: [email protected]

LEDSave is a supplier you can trust. We only source from trusted manufacturers who use high quality components and the best design.


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