LED Panel Drivers LiFud / AGT

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- LiFud LED Drivers
- AGT LED Drivers
- BOKE mains dimmable
- 5-year warranty
- Available in various constant current outputs (mA)
- Non-dimmable, TRIAC & 1-10V dimmable options
- MAINS dimmable via the TRIAC option
- DALI dimmable - COMING SOON
- 27-42V DC Output

LEDSave offers the Lifud, BOKE and AGT Brands of LED drivers, which are ideal for replacing faulty drivers for LED Panel Lights bought elswhere, or for converting non-dimmbale panels to dimmable.

LiFud, BOKE and AGT are leading global brands of superior quality LED drivers.

We offer the LiFud YI series for non-dimmable drivers and the YF series for 1-10V dimmable. 

The AGT drivers are flicker free

When replacing drivers the correct current must be selected from the drop down list. Failure to use the correct current driver may result in damage to the LED panel.

The 850mA and 950mA are both for 40W panels and the 1500mA is for 70W panels, all 3 are constant current with a voltage range of 27-42V DC.

The optional dimming can be achieved by either of the following 2 methods:
1) 1-10V dimming - using a wall mounted 1-10V dimmer switch (please note that control wires are required from the dimmable driver to the switch).
2) 1-10V dimming - using a 2.4GHz RF remote control and 1-10V dimmer controller.
3) MAINS AC dimming using the TRIAC dimmable driver.
For more information on dimming, please call 01652 638840 and ask to speak with one of our fully qualified electricians.

Colour: n/a

Lumen Output: n/a Fitting Type: n/a

Voltage: 220-277V

Wattage: n/a Power Consump: 40/70 watts

Size (LxWxD): 40W 45x43x29mm
                              70W 155x52x30mm

Beam Angle: n/a Dimmable: Yes (1-10V Option) Approx. Lifespan: >25,000 hrs Certification: CE & RoHS