LED Outdoor Lighting


Offering consumers and businesses to save money on electricity bills and replacement costs, LEDSave’s range of LED outdoor lighting, including LED floodlights, work-lights and golfballs are ideal as either working or outdoor aesthetic lighting purposes.


Firstly, we have EcoBrite LED golfballs, perfect for outside lighting, or as a nightlight that can be fitted into an existing outdoor light fitting with ease. Featuring polymer heatsink, which ensures that heat is diverted away from the bulb’s electronic components, this bulb guarantees a longer-lasting lifetime (of up to 25 years approximately!)


A similar product, using 90% less energy than a halogen floodlight, is the 10W Epistar Chip Worklight, which is perfect for onsite, outdoor work and is chargeable via the mains or a cigarette lighter socket. Producing a light output equal to a 100-Watt halogen bulb, our floodlights only consume 10 watts of electricity, making them among the most effective energy-saving LED floodlights on the market.


Also available online, we have EcoBrite LED floodlights with EPISTAR surface mounted diodes. With an optional PIR (passive-infra-red) sensor included (to be mounted below the floodlight), these floodlights can be affixed to the exterior of any commercial building or private property. Using up to 90% less energy than a standard halogen floodlight, the savings you’ll make on our LED floodlights will pay for themselves within 6 months.


With all of our LED products coming with a lengthy warranty period and a 28 day money back guarantee, and with a whole host of free delivery options available too, you can feel assured that LEDSave supply quality LED products at with savings to be made too.


We can talk to you about our LED Outdoor Lighting range in more detail either over the phone or via email. Call us on 01482 820099 or email [email protected] to find out more.