LEDs, or Light Emitting Diodes, were invented as far back as 1927 and became used for practical electronic purposes in 1962, have since become very widely used as a light source. Also known as ‘Solid State Lighting’, LEDs are widely used in traffic lights, vehicle lights, streetlights and various other lighting that needs to last longer and have an improved longevity than the alternatives.


LEDs are now also becoming more commonly used for building lighting in the form of LED Lamps and Bulbs, as people become more aware of the benefits of LED lighting. The cost of LED lighting, while still initially higher than alternatives, is lower than it once was, and the savings made on electricity bills means that they soon pay for themselves.


An LED Bulb or Lamp is a light that has LEDs assembled into a light bulb to create a source of light. This method means that LED bulbs have a variety of benefits, making them the best choice of lighting for homes and businesses. Due to their low energy consumption, they are far more efficient than the other lighting alternatives, such as incandescent and fluorescent lighting. Still outputting the same, if not more lumens, using a fraction of the Watts. This efficiency means that they are much cheaper to keep on, reducing your electricity bill by up to 90%. Furthermore, LED lights last far longer than the other alternatives, and as a result require to be changed less frequently.


LED bulbs have a lifespan of up to 25 years, and while they initially cost more, the amount of money saved through lower energy bills during this time will easily pay off the bulb and save you money. The lower energy consumption also makes them far more environmentally friendly, with less electricity required. 80% of the electricity used to light an LED bulb is converted into light, and they run at a much lower temperature than other options. When they are disposed of, which will happen far less frequently than the disposal of halogen, incandescent and fluorescent lighting, LED bulbs are also more environmentally friendly as they have no toxic mercury and no IR or UV emissions.  Rather than changing all your bulbs in your home at once, change the bulbs in your home to LED lighting as your current bulbs fail. Once you have replaced them all, you will start to see the fantastic benefits of having LED lights throughout your home.


Using LED lighting in your home is one thing, but for a businesses with many rooms to light, the benefit is extrapolated further, with the energy savings made on using LED bulbs instead of the alternatives potentially being huge, as are the environmental impacts. As the technology advances, LED lighting is able to fit different types of lighting, with property owners and managers able to replace the current lighting with the LED option for that particular fitting.


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