Varilight V-Pro LED Replacement Dimmer Module Kit 1 x 0-120W (1-10 LEDs) MJP120

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- LED Compatible
- 10W Minimum Load - 120W Maximum Load
- Retrofits in to your existing dimmer surround

Varilight V-Pro MJP120, (previously Z0JP250-P) is a 1 or 2-Way Push-on Push-off LED Replacement Dimmer Module Kit that has a LED dimming capability of 0-120W (1-10 MAX LEDs)

VARILIGHT Modules have an industry-wide reputation for exceptional performance, long life and innovation at reasonable prices.

The V-Pro Series were primarily designed for Dimmable LED's. The Modules (with a minimum load of 0 Watts) can operate 1-10 good quality Dimmable LEDs.

V-Pro modules are Trailing Edge by default, but this can be adjusted to Leading Edge. Please see instructions provided with the module.

These modules can be used in 2-way circuits (where one lighting circuit is controlled from two locations). To achieve 2-way switching, they must be paired with a standard 2-way switch in the remote location. 3-way switching can also be achieved by adding an intermediate switch in to the circuit. Please note, if total dimming is preferred from all switched locations, in a 2 or 3-way circuit then please choose the Varilight Touch and Remote Series range of dimmers, or the Eclique 2 range (if dimming LEDs) in conjunction with Slave Dimmers.

The V-Pro modules have had a number of software updates since their release, mainly to improve LED stability, but also to add ingenious functions too. For instance, the V-Pro Modules are set to a certain level of brightness when first wired up and switched on, however the minimum brightness can be adjusted. Please see the instructions for details.

-Height (mm):50


-GTIN 5021575960365

-Max Load 120W for LEDs

-Min Load 0 Watt

-Fits in a 25mm Deep Wall Box (depending on the plate it is attatched to)

-Trailing and Leading Edge Module, refer to instructions provided with the Module, to allow switching between the 2 modes.

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    Used to dim led lamps, would recommend to trade and competent diyer. Product quality appears good works!

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Colour: N/A Lumen Output: N/A
Fitting Type: N/A Voltage: 220-250V
Wattage: 10W - 250W Power Consump: N/A
Size (mm): 52x29x27 Beam Angle: N/A
Dimmable: N/A Approx. Lifespan: 25 Years
Certification: CE & RoHS