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LED Home Lighting

If you’ve heard about the numerous benefits of LED lighting and are looking for LED lights for home, you’ll find everything you need here. LEDSave offer an extensive range of LED lights for home that make for perfect replacements of standard bulbs.

We’ve got something for every room of the house and most of our LED light bulbs feature standard fittings, which means they can be easily retrofitted into your existing lighting system, without the need for a separate LED driver/transformer.

If you’re looking to replace standard bulbs that are either in wall mounted fittings or table lamps, then what you need are LED candles and golf bulbs. These stylish products have a 360 degree beam angle, allowing the light to reach as far as possible. This is why they’re excellent additions for any living room or bedroom.

We also offer LED spotlights that are great if you prefer over-head lighting. They work perfectly to replace standard halogen spotlights and are most frequently used in kitchens.

Another great option for lighting up your home in a more discrete way is the extremely versatile LED Strip lighting. The adhesive feature of LED strip lights allows you to place on any clean surface – whether it’s above kitchen units or in a corner of your living room or bedroom where you want to create a cosy atmosphere. It’s also a great option for illuminating your hall!

Most LED light bulbs have an impressive lifespan of up to 25 years, consume up to 90% less electricity than standard ones and are also environmentally friendly. If you’re not sure which type of LED lighting is the most suitable one for your home, you can always contact our team of experts for advice. Just give us a call on 01482 820099 or email

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