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LED Garden Lighting

For homeowners with gardens, it is very important to have a light at the rear of the house to illuminate the outdoor space at night. Whether it’s for their own benefit while in the garden at night, or for security purposes, having a garden light is essential.

However, as garden lights tend to be big, powerful lights that can often be turning on and off frequently due to movements in the garden from neighbourhood cats and foxes etc. or when you yourself venture into the garden into the later hours, garden lights use up a great amount of electricity.

Here at LEDSave, we have a variety of LED lighting that would be suitable as garden lighting.

One example of this is bulkhead lighting. These lights are ideal for lighting up areas that need light for long periods of the day, such as stairwells, but can also be used for security purposes. It is possible to fix Bulkheads to the outside of your house, garage or garden to help secure the perimeter of your home.

We also stock a range of floodlights that can also be used for security purposes, lighting up larger areas outside of you home. Producing a light output equal to a 100-Watt halogen bulb, our floodlights only consume 10 watts of electricity, ensuring they are among the most effective and energy-efficient LED floodlights on the market.

All LEDSave fittings come with a no quibble 5 Year Warranty and a 28 Day Money Back Guarantee.

The massive range of LED bulbs and fittings on the market can be confusing, so if you’d like any advice please don't hesitate to call LEDSave on: 01482 820099 or email us at: to find out more.

LEDSave is a supplier you can trust. We only source from trusted manufacturers who use high quality components and the best design.


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