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LED Dimmable Lighting

With many of the products that we stock in our great range of LED lighting products, there is the option for them to be dimmable. This means that you can easily replace your current dimmable LED bulbs, or install LED dimmable switches to replace your current lighting options.

LED Bulbs are far more energy efficient than the other alternatives, including halogen, florescent and incandescent lighting, and can save business and homeowners a large amount in electricity bills. With an expected life span of around 25 years and a watt to lumen ratio that is much more favourable than that of the alternative to LED lighting, making the switch to LED lighting is an obvious choice.

Here at LEDSave, we stock a large selection of dimmable bulbs. Brose our selection of LED Bulbs and each product will inform you whether or not it has the dimmable option. Dimmable LED lighting are a great way to have more control over the lighting in your property.

As the light outdoors changes throughout the day, with dimmable LED lighting, you are able to brighten or dim the light in your house accordingly. Dimmer switches also allow you set the atmosphere in your home, so whether you want a dimmer lit room for a dinner party, or a brightly lit room for cooking in the kitchen, dimmable LED lighting gives you this freedom.

In addition to dimmable LED lighting, LEDSave also stocks a variety of dimmer switches to allow you to install dimmable LED lighting in your home or place of business.

All LEDSave fittings come with a no quibble 5 Year Warranty and a 28 Day Money Back Guarantee.

The massive range of LED bulbs and fittings on the market can be confusing, so if you’d like any advice please don't hesitate to call LEDSave on: 01482 820099 or email us at:

LEDSave is a supplier you can trust. We only source from trusted manufacturers who use high quality components and the best design.


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