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LED Controllers

LEDSave is a lowest cost LED lighting provider that puts YOU in control. We do that by making browsing our site and choosing the various items you need super-easy. Our team of professional advisers understands that people are busy these days, and so need their questions about eco- friendly LED lighting products answered quickly and clearly, with all the essential info being provided in a jargon-free way.  The ordering and purchasing process here is also marvellously hassle-free (same day dispatch for orders placed before 2pm), making LEDSave the only lighting goods supplier you will ever need. And, you can be confident that the low price LED products you buy from us are good quality and long lasting.

Take our LED Controllers, which LEDSave sources from only proven manufacturers, and which are available to buy at incredibly low prices... 

Remote-enabled dimmers are the ULTIMATE in lighting convenience

These says, it seems that just about everyone is switching from dated lighting to LED, doesn't it? The reasons for that are many, of course. But one key motivation for buyers is that LED lighting can be so easily controlled: the lights can be dimmed or brightened by a wall fitted switch, or from a remote control.

Picture this…

Imagine coming home after a hard day at work, and putting your feet up after dinner with a cool glass of wine in your hand, and then creating exactly the type of mood you desire in the room. Remotely controlling your LED light bulbs overhead will allow you to do that: simply ‘set the perfect scene’ for you at any particular time, without even having to get up from your armchair or sofa.

Take the V-Pro Dimmer Remote Controller available to buy from LEDSave TODAY. This is a handset that’s easy to use (even for the most gadget-phobic homeowner or office manager!). What’s more, with the V-Pro, you are not just limited to dimming or brightening one set of dimmable overhead LED lights. No. If you’re looking for an incredibly low priced remote control that will almost effortlessly allow you to control several dimmers at once, then this is remote you need. Even better, it will let you recall previous light settings. So, if there is a specific light setting that you find particularly atmospheric, you can always recreate it, whenever you want to, at the press of a button!

Thanks to LEDSave (who always source products only from trusted manufacturers and suppliers), LED lighting full functionality is now entirely at your fingertips.

And by the way, our Trade prices are also unbeatable!

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