Why LED Panel Lights Will Save You Money

Do LED Panel Lights Have A Higher Lumen Efficiency?

In short – yes they do.

LED Panel lights are able to provide the same light for much less electricity. This is due to:

Higher lumen efficiency.

Lumen efficiency (measured in lumens per watt – abbreviated as lm/W) is a measure of how much light (lumens) is produced per unit of electricity (watts). The higher this figure the better.


Normally light is needed on a floor for safety, or on a desk so that work can be performed. Fluorescent tubes emit light over 360 degrees, and any light that is emitted upwards or sidewards is reflected by polished metal reflectors in the light fitting in an attempt to get it to go in the required downward direction. Unfortunately, this is a very inefficient process, meaning that much of it is wasted.

LED chips are directional, and the reflective components in the LED panels are highly efficient which means more of the lights goes where it is needed – DOWN!

This all means that LED Panel Lights will save you money, and reduce carbon emissions.

How Much Energy Do LED Panel Lights Save?

In the past LED lights have come under scrutiny for not being bright enough. However, the new generation of LED panel lights are a high-tech solution that saves energy and usually produces even more light than the equivalent size fluorescent modular fitting that they replace.

The standard 600×600 recessed modular fluorescent fitting contains 4 x 600mm tubes, each using 18W. This produces a total consumption of 72W, but it should not be forgotten that the fluorescent ballast uses electricity too!
This means that the typical consumption for such a light is 80W plus.

LEDSAVE’s 600x 600 LED Panels use only 40W meaning that power savings of at least 50% are normal.

How Long Will LED Panel Lights Last?

Not only will they produce more light at a lower cost, LED panel lights are a reliable long-term solution, making them even more cost effective than other lighting options. Whilst they have a five year guarantee – most LED panel lights will last for much longer than 5 years.

How Much Does LED Panel Lighting Cost to Install?

When factoring in how much you will save with LED panel lighting, it’s important to consider the installation costs. Over a period of time, it’s safe to say that the cost of buying and installing LED panel lights will easily be outweighed by the savings made, but before you start figuring out how much you will save it’s good to consider how much they will cost to install.

Installation costs can vary depending on:

  • Whether it’s a new install or a replacement of existing fittings
  • The type of dimming, if any,  your space requires
  • The location of the lights in the building
  • Whether you have a suspended ceiling or solid ceiling
  • Geographical location (e.g. London vs Hull labour)

Do LED Light Panels Save On Air Conditioning?

If you use air conditioning in order to cool your space, then LED light panels can even help to reduce air conditioning running costs due to their lower heat output. They are highly efficient, so they produce less heat than other light sources such as fluorescent tubes, as most of the energy they consume goes into light production, which means that there is less heat for the air conditioner to remove = cheaper running costs!

What Are The Maintenance Costs?

Whilst traditional fluorescent tubes and starters will need to be changed frequently, LED light panels don’t need to be replaced nearly as frequently. Therefore, LED light panels to save you money and time when it comes to maintenance and repairs.

Shop our range of LED panel lights from LED Save to see how much money LED panel lights could save you. Or, if you’d like to learn more about the different types of LED lighting, you can take a look at our guide to LED Bulkheads.