15W Round LED Gear Tray - Microwave Sensor with Corridor Function (28W 2D Replacement)

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The EB-R-15 15W LED Microwave Sensor Gear Tray is ideal as a direct replacement for existing circular 28W 2D trays. Just remove the old gear tray and replace it with our reliable, money saving LED version.

The Microwave Sensor also incorporates a selectable Corridor Function (10%-100%), which makes it perfect for use in corridors, flats and hotels, where a permanent low light level is required, but on activation of the sensor switches to a higher light level.

The sensor is fully adjustable.

This gear tray consists of 72 Surface Mounted Diodes and produces a light output equal to a 28W 2D bulkhead but only consumes 15 watts of electricity and is available in Natural White (4500K)

This is a Microwave Sensor Gear Tray but it is also available in the following versions:

-3 Hour Emergency.
-Microwave Sensor (inc. Corridor Function) with 3 Hour Emergency.

ZERO maintenance - no more buying and replacing 2D tubes.

This gear tray comes with a 3 Year Warranty and a 28 Day Money Back Guarantee.

Type Gear Tray
Functionality Microwave Sensor
Wattage 15W
Equivalent fluorescent wattage 28W
Size (Diameter) 244mm
Dimmable Corridor function 10-100%
Certification CE & RoHS
Lumen output 1700lm
CCT 4500K
CRI >80
Voltage 220-240V
IP rating NA
Beam angle 120°
Estimated lifetime >35,000hrs
Guarantee 4 years
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